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Hi! I’m Sandy Wolf, a licensed clinical social worker in private practice based in Guilford, Connecticut. For over 27 years, I’ve helped people of all ages and backgrounds live and love better. 

Since completing my certification in Discernment Counseling eight years ago, a main focus of my practice has been helping couples on the brink find clarity and confidence in their marital decision-making - what I call "Marriage ER."

In 2023, I completed the Doherty Institute’s Discernment Counseling (DC) Residency, a year-long intensive program for experienced DC practitioners that covered advanced DC best practices, research, and techniques as well as methods for supporting and consulting with other DC practitioners.

As a DC Fellow, I now provide ongoing training, consultation, discussion and support for new and seasoned Discernment Counseling practitioners.

A graphic badge showing that Sandy Wolf, LCSW is a Discernment Counseling Fellow (from the Doherty Institute)

Why Work With Me to Enhance Your Discernment Counseling Practice?

With 27 years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families - and eight years of experience using the Discernment Counseling model - I specialize in rapid assessment and working with high-conflict couples using a systems approach. I have had great success engaging husbands/men and getting couples wrapped with supportive services, and I have seen DC change lives.

If you’re like me, you were drawn to DC because it gives agency to both therapists and clients alike in our quest to strengthen families, because its evidence-based protocol is sensible and ethical, and because it uniquely encompasses both the individual and couple’s needs instead of favoring only one part of the whole system.

While those reasons may have drawn us to DC in the first place, they are also why DC can be complex and tricky for therapists. Many graduates of the DC certification program find the training easy to understand, but challenging to implement with their clients in the real world.

You may have questions like:

  • We are taught that there is "no failure in Discernment Counseling," so why do I feel like a failure if a couple decides to divorce after working with me?
  • How can I manage imposter syndrome and uncertainty and discern whether my outcomes are due to a clinical skill issue or to the complexity of the couple?
  • Am I even implementing the protocol correctly, or am I missing or misunderstanding parts?

Just like we tell the couples we work with, we can’t figure it all out on our own. The complexity of DC requires ongoing training, discussion, and support from another pair of eyes that can help you not only become more effective but also increase your enjoyment of this work.

Who I Work With

  • Therapists who recently completed training in Discernment Counseling and need support implementing it and introducing it to clients
  • Seasoned DC practitioners who could benefit from having a colleague to discuss its nuances and challenges with and get guidance on the latest DC research and protocol
  • Practitioners at any level who are feeling frustrated, daunted, or lonely in practicing DC

Professional Consultation Services & Fees

Individual Consultations - $175/hour

  • General or case-specific consultation*
  • One-time or ongoing basis
  • In-person (southern CT region only) or remote consultation
  • Includes brief text and email support between sessions

Small group consultations and 6-week Discernment Counseling Discussion Groups coming soon! Sign up for my Discernment Counselor email list if you'd be interested in group support, and I'll add you to my waiting list.

*Please print and complete this case consultation form and bring it with you to our session to guide our discussion, if applicable.

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