Has Your Marriage Journey Reached a Crossroads?

You don't have to chart your course alone.

Action-Oriented Therapy for Couples & Families on the Connecticut Shoreline

What if you could "end" your marriage as it is... but create a new one, with each other?

Maybe you’ve been putting off therapy for a while, or perhaps you’ve tried it in the past, only to find the same issues resurfacing a few months later. I don’t blame you – this is hard work. Traditional couples and family therapy can take years, but you need help NOW

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My unique, action-oriented approach is more than just talk. I help couples and families quickly identify the root causes of their issues so that they can move forward with confidence and change their lives – now, and for good.

Working with me, you’ll get personalized, solutions-focused treatment that is specific to your family and your life. We will develop a new framework to ensure that your family can handle whatever life throws your way - together.

Then, exit the therapy roundabout, empowered to build the relationships – and life - you’ve been longing for.

You love each other, but it feels like you’re speaking two different languages, stuck having the same arguments over and over. Couples counseling provides a safe, supportive setting for hard conversations. It interrupts destructive patterns and behaviors and replaces them with the skills to create a whole new marriage, together. 

Fantasizing about divorce? Does one of you already have one foot out the door? This is a marriage emergency. My Marriage ER process, based on the principles of Discernment Counseling, is a fast, intensive, 1-5 session process that helps couples decide whether or not their marriage can be saved and which steps to take next.

Any good business starts with a solid plan. But when it comes to the business of running a family – from the everyday decisions to the big, important stuff – most couples are winging it, which can lead to chaos and disagreement. You can enjoy this parenting journey – you just need a plan! I also work with divorced and blended families.

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A Unique Approach with Life-Changing Results

When I opened my private practice over 20 years ago, I used the traditional psychotherapy approach I’d learned in graduate school. But after several clients returned to work on the same issues that seemed resolved years ago, I knew I had to try something new. Years of open-ended therapy is not a solution for couples and families in crisis today.  So I made my treatment faster, more comprehensive, and permanent.

Now, my model focuses on helping families set practical goals, learn concrete skills, and break unhelpful patterns and dynamics in a shorter time frame.

The results have been profound: the kids whose behavior improved as their parents’ marriage did; the once therapy-resistant husbands who now embraced the therapy process; the couples on the brink of divorce who replaced their destructive patterns with the skills to create lifelong intimacy.

session 1


We will meet together to review your concerns & goals and allow me to observe relational dynamics.

session 2

Partner #1 Solo

One-on-one session: deeper dive into individual concerns, desires & obstacles.

session 3

Partner #2 Solo

One-on-one session: deeper dive into individual concerns, desires & obstacles.

session 4


Review my "diagnosis" of what's going on with your marriage/family & map out next steps.

My Process

I start most clients* with a brief, 4-session assessment process, meeting with the couple or family together and individually to quickly get to the root of their problems and provide space for each individual’s perspective in a safe, supportive environment - no good guys or bad guys here.

It shouldn't take months or years to get a working idea of what's going on with your family and how to make things better. My goal is to get you off the couch and back to your life as quickly as possible.

*Some couples may be better suited to my Marriage ER service. We will determine the best course of action for you on our initial call.

About Me

A licensed clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience, I’ve helped hundreds of couples and families find the path forward. I take helping you tame and transform your marital or family crisis seriously. You will get the swiftest, most comprehensive treatment possible to help you and your loved ones stabilize and thrive.

Sometimes, even therapists need support!  Learn about my consulting services for other clinicians.

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It's the quality of our relationships that determines the quality of our lives.

- Esther Perel