Every journey has a story...

In response to the COVID-19 challenges, I want to extend my support and commitment to my clients and my community as we navigate this difficult time. My principal message to all is this:  uncertainty and discomfort are inevitable; despair and suffering are not. 

While we need to practice physical distancing just now, it is our ability to remain socially connected that will help us maintain our morale and sense of hope through to the end of this episode.  In-person or online sessions are available for all clients, for all services. Please contact me for more information.

Remember, “A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.” (Tecumseh).  Let’s turn towards one another today. Stay safe!

Maybe you’re lost, losing steam, or feeling responsible for everyone else’s well-being.

Perhaps you’re hurting, concealing your unmet needs and are disappointed in the quality of your life and relationships.

If so, it’s time to view your problems from a different perspective and realize that you’re only seeing half of your story. The half you are aware of comes from your experiences and perceptions. The other half represents your potential. In seeking to heal yourself and your relationships, the goal is to discover the half of your story you can’t see and create a new narrative built on more constructive definitions of responsibility, love, relationships, enjoyment, success, and peace.

When seeking help with a partner, you each hold one half of your story. In couples therapy, we will work to achieve an identity of more than two people – to a third thing – an “I-You-We” that will enhance new life chapters more fulfilling than just “bad” or “not bad”.

When seeking help as an individual, we’ll work to understand that “other half”. We’ll explore and confront your struggles with a curious mindset and clear lenses, removing obstacles from your path to a happier, healthier future.

By the end of your first session, you’ll feel deeply understood, accepted, and ready to challenge yourself in a way that feels hopeful and even exciting! Soon you will confidently master challenges and make better decisions, using new glasses and a full toolbox to successfully navigate your life.

If you’re struggling with dissatisfaction, unfulfilled relationships, or overwhelming decisions, we’ll work to find real-world options that allow you to make meaningful changes.

You are far more than a lost soul – you are the protagonist in your own story.

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Are you ready to write your new chapter? Here's how...

Face Forward, Confront, Aim True

  • We begin by turning towards the struggle, leaving behind the exhausting attempts to outrun it.
  • We discover with fresh, clear eyes how your past led you to your struggle, viewing difficulties or “symptoms” as misguided attempts to master your problems and conflicts.
  • We decode those “symptoms” and more effectively address your needs.

Grow, Stretch, and Test the Limits

  • You begin to be in the world differently, learn new ways of relating, and use long-forgotten parts of yourself.
  • You become more comfortable with discomfort, allowing you to stretch your newfound muscles and become more fluent in asserting your needs.
  • You explore how even tiny, yet crucial changes in thinking, attitude, and actions produce the most significant results.
  • We challenge real-life scenarios to enhance life and relational skills so that you are ready to take on the world with new confidence.

Build, Strengthen, Launch

  • Your new You is thriving! You have a fresh identity, but still have some unanswered questions.
  • We discover who you are, where you belong, and how (and with whom) you’ll spend your time.
  • You learn how to answer your own questions and to understand how to make the most of your positive changes.
  • As life happens, I guide you to leverage the tools you’ve added to your toolbox. We continue the process of facing the struggles and interpreting the meaning of symptoms until you have mastered the skills enough to do it on your own, wherever you go!

Live better • Love better • Be better