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Struggling to make things right

See your whole picture

Treatment that is specific to you

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

- Proust

It’s that time again—you need to find a therapist because your life/family/marriage is in chaos and you have no idea how to make things right.  One thing you do know is that you are way over feeling guilty, worried and sad.

Of course, you’re putting it off.  Maybe you already know why you do the frustrating things you do, but just haven’t figured out how not to do them. And rehashing how you came to make your bad decisions bothers you more than the thought of continuing to make them.

Still, the relentless ping-ponging between feeling broken and thinking that fulfillment, happy marriages and grateful children are mere fairy tales has become so exhausting that you know need a therapist’s help.  

Why not make your next psychotherapy stint the last one you'll ever need?

Become permanently self-reliant and get out of your struggles and into the life you want. See your whole picture; understand and control your thoughts, feelings and behaviors as they relate to the important people in your life and see what huge changes you can make.

Get treatment that is specific to you and your real life situations. Calm your crises and learn skills that make you the master of your own life. Arm yourself with a solid foundation and build a deep toolbox to handle whatever life throws at you. Then exit the therapy roundabout for the last time.

You want to change your life—now, and for good. It’s time to get therapy that will make your life better by helping you pull your problems out by the roots instead of just lessening your symptoms. Therapy that will treat the whole picture of your life all at once, not just one piece at a time.

When you decide to put that desire into action, let me know—I will be right there with you.

"Change your life... now and for good."

- Sandy Wolf