Not sure where to begin to fix what feels like an impossibly tangled mess of marital or family problems, each one feeling equally urgent and important? Catch your breath and allow an objective expert to take the lead.

What's most important is that you have a clear understanding of why your family is struggling and what can be done to change it--before starting a course of treatment. 

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You still love each other, but lately it feels like you’re speaking two different languages, stuck having the same arguments over and over. The more you try to fix things, the worse they get.

I provide a safe, supportive setting for important conversations, uncover the root causes of problematic patterns and behaviors so we can tackle them head-on, and help you build the skills to create a whole new marriage, together (and without spending years on “the couch”).

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Marriage ER

On the brink of divorce? Does one of you already have a foot out the door or have doubts about whether couples therapy could even help? You may need a visit to the Marriage ER.

My process, following the Discernment Counseling model, is a fast, intensive process of 1-5 sessions to help couples quickly decide whether to attempt couples therapy, take a time out and decide later, or get a divorce. I am one of the only clinicians in Connecticut trained in this unique, powerful approach.

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Family Business (Family Therapy)

Any good business starts with a solid plan. But when it comes to the business of running a family – from the everyday decisions to the big, important stuff – most couples are winging it. You can enjoy this parenting journey – you just need a plan! 

I work with families of all kinds (married, divorced and co-parenting, blended). Together, we will build your own unique Family Constitution based on your shared values, parenting styles, and personalities. The result? Increased confidence and clarity for the parents, and a greater sense of calm, security, and fun for the entire family.

4 Sessions to a New Road Map for Your Family

I start most clients* with a brief but comprehensive 4-session assessment that allows me to make a swift but thorough “diagnosis” of what is happening to your family as well as identify some possible solutions. We will then set goals and create a road map to reaching them, step-by-step.

The first order of business is stabilization, and we do this by confronting the situation head-on. I will help you understand your family struggle in its entirety while also holding the clear vision and roadmap to solutions. 

session 1


We will meet together to review your concerns & goals and allow me to observe relational dynamics.

session 2

Partner #1 Solo

One-on-one session: deeper dive into individual concerns, desires & obstacles.

session 3

Partner #2 Solo

One-on-one session: deeper dive into individual concerns, desires & obstacles.

session 4


Review my "diagnosis" of what's going on with your marriage/family & map out next steps.

Once your family/marital situation is stabilized, you decide what to work on next - or whether to work more at all. If you decide to continue working with me, we’ll create a treatment plan tailored to your relationship and your family, typically meeting between 2-4 times a month. I can also refer to and coordinate with other mental health providers for individual partners and/or children.

I will support you and your family every step of the way as you continue building and practicing new skills for communication and conflict. As your relational skills improve, feelings of renewed security, trust, and warmth for one another will return. Leave therapy confident in your ability to navigate life’s ups and downs together as a stronger, more secure and connected family unit.

*Considering divorce? My Marriage ER process may be the best fit for you.

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