A Personal Note From Sandy

Class of 1989 Superlatives:  

“Most Serious:  Sandy Wolf”

HUH??! How could someone whose favorite show is “The Simpsons” and who has yet to meet a fart joke she didn’t love be voted “Most Serious”?!

Decades later it hit me--this descriptor refers to my approach with anything I care about and set my mind to achieve—be it learning languages, running a marathon or raising my kid--I am dead serious, no joke, all in. 

I take helping you tame and transform your marital or family crisis seriously. You will get the swiftest, most comprehensive treatment to help you and your loved ones stabilize and thrive.

Ready to have someone treat your struggles seriously by treating the whole picture? Let me know, I’m all in.


Steps to creating a unique therapist and unique therapy

1 - Young Adult

Start as a young adult whose wonder for humanity's mysteries draws you to become a Clinical Social Worker.

2 - Yale

Train on the adolescent inpatient unit as a Yale Fellow.

3 - Tamer

Become a family crisis tamer by learning how to correctly decode and handle kid's misbehavior.

4 - Risk in Teenagers

Become an expert at assessing risk in teenagers in the state juvenile detention centers.

5 - Private Practice

Study human mysteries full time by opening your own private practice.

6 - Counseling

Discover Discernment Counseling, a miracle intervention for couples on the brink of divorce.

7 - RVD

Create and use the "Relational Venn Diagram" (RVD), a tool that graphically tracks the sources of a family's trouble.

8 - Therapy

Diagnose and treat the roots of the problems.

9 - Innovate

Abandon traditional psychotherapy approach; teach effective communication, repair, and negotiation.

10 - Build

Build an inclusive treatment team of helping professionals.

11 - Next

Look forward to seeing where the next 25 years will lead you!

"Do or do not. There is no try."

- Master Yoda