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Individual therapy

Small, incremental shifts produce big changes.

So the quiz broke the news that you, too, have some things to work on, huh?

Guess what—that is the best news!!! Now you don’t have to wait until someone else changes for your relationships to be different; you can make it happen now. You can choose a therapist who will help you start the process of self-awareness and relationship skill-building that can help you be your best self in all relationships.

Here are a few good ways to find someone:

  • Word of mouth—find someone who really seems to have their life together and see if they’ve got a therapist to thank for it! If so, maybe they can help you, too.
  • Otherwise, here are some great tips for a strong start: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


    Short on time, money or energy these days? For those of you who can’t get to a professional, there is hope.

    Believe it or not, important changes can be made even if only one spouse actively works on their marriage. CLICK HERE to get a variety of low-or no-cost options for immediate help.

    Want help finding someone in your area? Visit moderncommitment.com

    If you are interested in pursuing couples or family therapy while also pursuing individual therapy, learn about My Services here.

    "Life does not change if you only modify the content, your life will change if you will dare to alter the context."

    - Santosh Kalwar