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Collaborative Divorce

Do you think your spouse is generally a good (enough) parent?

Does the tense way you and your spouse communicate get in the way of fair problem-solving and negotiating?

Do you believe it’s important that your kids have close contact and bonds with both parents and sides of the family?

Do you want to create a parenting plan and schedule that is based on your unique family situation instead of a generic one?

Do you want a divorce process that allows you to send YOUR OWN kids to college instead of your ATTORNEY’S kids?

Collaborative Divorce is best for couples who:

  • Have a complicated financial situation
  • Have non-traditional income
  • Aren’t BOTH employed as W2 employees
  • Have a complicated pension
  • Are incapable of communicating to any place of satisfactory resolution– where both parties feel adequately satisfied (i.e., less unhappy) with results


Same as above, but it is for spouses who:

  • Have limited funds and can reasonably communicate with one another.
option 3

Divorce Coach

Are you unclear about the future of your marriage? Marriage is not only about assessing the connection and joy in your relationship; it is also about the “business” of marriage (it is always 80/20 business/intimacy, and they fuel each other).

A divorce coach can assess thoroughly your status and advise you on:

  • Legal Options
  • Finances
  • Emotional needs of your children
  • Taking stock of the whole story- perhaps there is still hope for your marriage.

Together you can create a plan around money, parenting, and lifestyle and can avoid costly decisions based on fear and misinformation. Below is a link to a divorce coach in our area; you can also search Google to find others.

Still want to work on your marriage?

Visit my Services page to learn how I can help couples and families, including my Marriage ER service for couples on the brink of divorce.

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- Santosh Kalwar