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Collaborative Divorce

Do you think your spouse is generally a good (enough) parent?

Does the tense way you and your spouse communicate get in the way of fair problem-solving and negotiating?

Do you believe it’s important that your kids have close contact and bonds with both parents and sides of the family?

Do you want to create a parenting plan and schedule that is based on your unique family situation instead of a generic one?

Do you want a divorce process that allows you to send YOUR OWN kids to college instead of your ATTORNEY’S kids?

Collaborative Divorce is best for couples who:

  • Have a complicated financial situation
  • Have non-traditional income
  • Aren’t BOTH employed as W2 employees
  • Have a complicated pension
  • Are incapable of communicating to a place of satisfactory resolution on your own (where both parties feel adequately satisfied with results)

Here are a couple of resources you might want to check out:

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Respectful Communication Cheat Sheet: 3 Proven Communication Formulas for Divorced/Divorcing Couples

All divorcing couples struggle in their own unique ways, but their universal characteristic is a breakdown in communication. This leads to more arguments, blocking the possibility of resolving issues in ways that both people feel respected and valued.

I put together this free "cheat sheet" to help you navigate the divorce process and your post-divorce life with a sense of mastery and confidence. It's your "cheat sheet" of proven communication techniques.

Using these 3 proven formulas consistently will help you resolve common coparenting issues, promote a greater sense of collaboration and cooperation, and perhaps most importantly, model respectful communication for your children. 

Download the free PDF below (no email required) - it's printable for quick reference:

Cover of Sandy Wolf Psychotherapy Respectful Communication Cheat Sheet: 3 Proven Communication Formulas for Divorcing or Divorced Couples. Above the title is a graphic with two talk bubbles in different shades of blue. Below the title is an illustration of a man and woman sitting and talking at a dining table.

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