Not sure where to begin to fix what feels like an impossibly tangled mess of marital/family problems?

Each piece of the problem feels equally important to address, and equally urgent. What's most important is that you have a clear understanding of why your family is struggling, and what can be done to change it--before starting a course of treatment.

A Circle of Supportive Services to Help Families

Let’s start at the beginning and get a clear picture of what is happening to your family and the possible solutions with a thorough and swift “diagnosis” from an objective expert.

The Whole Picture Approach to Treatment:

4 Steps to Mastering Your Life

Stage 1: Stabilize

Finally, you can catch your breath while someone else takes the lead.

I will help you understand your family struggle in its entirety while also holding the clear vision and roadmap to solutions. 

From session 1 we begin to have a new view of how things got so bad, shifting from a “good guy/bad guy” story to a “good people/bad skills” one.

Walls begin to dissolve, and a logical, clear action plan is made to lead the system to stability and calm.

Stage 2: Support

Each person begins to understand exactly how they have contributed to the marital problems--and more importantly, why. Without an identified "villain" to blame, you all begin to understand how faulty ideas about love have prevented connection, and start forging the paths to change.

All family members' needs and voices -- especially children's -- are heard and valued as we work towards creating shared and unifying family goals.

Stage 3: Strengthen

Equipped with a new narrative of your family’s problems as faulty relational patterns vs. the defunct “good guy/bad guy” one, we then work to rebuild a foundation of balance and trust through skill-building.

 We focus firmly on breaking current faulty patterns and swiftly replacing them with more effective ones.

Treatment becomes your “relational gym”—learning and practicing exercises to develop skills such as healthy confrontation, repair, and communication.

Stage 4: Set up

This is the sweetest part of the process!

As your relational skills improve, barriers vanish and feelings of renewed security, trust, and warmth for one another flow. 

You have more confidence in your ability to navigate life’s choppy waters and feel happier as you make each other’s life dreams come true as a stronger, more secure and connected unit.

"Mystery is not about travelling to new places but about looking with new eyes."

- Marcel Proust

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