Meet Your Guide

Sandy E. Wolf, LCSW

Sandy E. Wolf, LCSW

B.A. Clark University, Psychology and Sociology, 1993

M.S.W. University of Pennsylvania, Social Work, 1995

Yale University, Post-MSW Fellowship, 1995-1996

Creating a dynamic space to help people free themselves from pain and stuckness has been a lifelong journey for me. I’ve always marveled at our psyche’s tendency to make us do the sometimes-baffling things we do, and how much the gap between who we want to be and what we do results in a painful state of frustration and confusion.

From an early age, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a process that helps people build and maintain their most important relationship–the one with themselves. With an insatiable thirst for learning, thinking and connecting, it was a natural fit for me to become a therapist. I approach relationships the same way I approach any new learning – with an open curiosity, interest and sense of adventure. Each person comes to therapy with core questions they want answered, and I work to distill and shape those questions in just the right way to ensure that we follow the right path when answering them.

Helping people live, love, and relate better these last 25 years has been immensely moving and fulfilling, as I get to be part of the solutions in peoples’ lives in real and profound ways. I aim to influence the reinvention of marriage, to facilitate peace between the sexes, and to develop healthy communities within which children, couples and individuals thrive.

So if you asked me who I really am, I’d sum it up like this: I am…

A philosopher who understands how and why life can be so challenging;

An advocate who challenges societal “truths” that prevent us from having lasting health, freedom, and love;

A curious student who uncovers the hidden causes of human strife;

A teacher who empowers people with life-long tools to overcome their challenges;

A human who aspires to lead by example in creating an uncommon and fulfilling life.