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Trying to pinpoint which came first—the marital struggles or the kids’ troubling symptoms—is like trying to solve that old Chicken-Egg dilemma. How to even begin to untangle and sort out the myriad of overlapping issues, such as having opposite parenting styles, managing kids’ worrisome behaviors, or deciding whether to get a divorce when you have children?

The Whole Picture Approach addresses it all at once. Whereas most therapy models break families into pieces (each family member gets their own therapist, rarely treating the parental and sibling subsystems together), the Whole Picture Approach works on both the general and specific, and the “I” and “We” issues of a family unit. The family unit itself is the “client”--not just the family member making the most waves--and the goal is to repair and strengthen the family unit in a permanent way.

How to begin--after a brief phone explaining your family’s struggles, we meet for a 4 session Family Assessment, which will include meeting with various family members in whichever configurations make most sense for your family members and the situation. This family “diagnosis” directs us towards stabilization and in customizing an enduring parenting plan where all members can thrive.

Some common issues that the Whole Picture Approach can help with:

  • Navigating different parenting styles or co-parenting after divorce
  • Risky, worrisome or self-injurious thoughts or gestures
  • Aggressive, defiant behaviors at home or school
  • Making decisions about a separation or divorce and “breaking the news” with the kids in careful, age-appropriate ways

Your love for your children is why you do all the things you do—shouldn’t you be at your best when you do it? See how a course of family therapy can help parents create the conditions necessary for successfully and securely raising children—all while enjoying ride.

“There are no individuals in the world, only fragments of families”

- Carl Whitaker