Not sure where to begin to fix what feels like an impossibly tangled mess of marital/family problems? Each piece of the problem feels equally important to address, and equally urgent.

Let’s start at the beginning and get a clear picture of what is happening to your family and the possible solutions with a thorough and swift “diagnosis” from an objective expert.

Much like the way an ER doctor rapidly stabilizes critical conditions through a clear diagnosis and plan, my 4-session assessment allows you to get a working “diagnosis” of your family’s struggles first so that you can confidently decide on a clear plan forward. This plan may include further treatment with me, or like an ER doctor, you can take what you learned from the assessment to other providers and start your next phase of treatment there.

What is most important is that you have a clear understanding of why your family is struggling, and what can be done to change it--before starting a course of treatment.

The process begins during our first phone call—an “initiating client” in turmoil reaches out to me seeking help.

We avoid the “S/he who gets to the therapist first, wins” thing by my speaking briefly to each spouse/parent, matching the right service to your family’s needs before meeting. Then, we will meet for our 4-session evaluation in the following configurations:

Session 1: Me, Spouse A, Spouse B—learn concerns and goals, observe relational dynamics

Session 2: Me, Spouse A—deeper dive into individual concerns and desires, obstacles

Session 3: Me, Spouse B—deeper dive into individual concerns and desires, obstacles

Session 4: Me, Spouse A, Spouse B —discuss results of evaluation (e.g., my hypothesis of what happened to your marriage/family), options and recommendations. Decisions on next steps will be made, including whether further therapy is indicated and if so, in which form and with whom.

It shouldn’t take months to get a working idea of what is going on with your family and how to make things better. Begin working on immediate solutions by getting your 4-Session Couple/Family Assessment today.

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover instead of creating the perfect love."

- Tom Robbins